ACT II was founded by an HR expert after 20 years of coaching and mentoring many women, all of whom shared similar challenges in their careers and personal lives.


Unlike executive coaching or counseling, ACT II focuses on the whole person, and provides a structured process that is customized to the needs of each individual. It is less about the past, and all about the future.

Rooted in the fundamentals of Identity Theory, ACT II helps you assess and address 8 critical areas of your life and well-being. The objective is to develop a personal, practical plan that gives you the guidance, confidence and support you need to write the next chapter in your life story.



Alicia Barker spent over two decades in Human Resources in New York City, rising to lead the HR function for both start-ups and publicly-traded corporations. But even as the department head of a large company, she never gave up one-on-one mentoring, which she always felt was the most rewarding aspect of her job.

Following the birth of twins, she left HR to focus on raising her three children, helping her entrepreneur husband, and running an active home. But as rewarding as those years had been, she missed her job and the different kinds of joy and fulfillment it gave her. She felt like she had been slowly losing her sense of self. And she grew to understand first-hand the similar feelings of so many women she encountered.

After two years back in the workforce, this time running HR for a fast-growing ad agency, she decided to break off on her own and return to her first real love of coaching.

In founding ACT II, she envisioned a structured, step by step plan that helps women look at the totality of their very complex lives--not just professionally, but personally, educationally, and emotionally. In this endeavor, she relies not merely on her professional training, but also an abundance of personal experience and empathy.




Alicia is one of the most inspirational women I know. She has coached many of the women in my office- including several in senior leadership roles, and even myself. I have the benefit of having seen both sides of it: I’ve watched her mentor employees that report into me- coaching them through personal and professional hurdles, getting to the core of what it takes to really make sizable change in their lives. And I have also see it from the inside: Alicia has coached me. She is smart, tenacious, gracious, and has killer instincts about people. 


Alicia was masterful in her role as HR VP for Hudson North America. She not only used her strong technical HR background but also her ability to balance the multiple priorities and personalities that come with such a pivotal job. Alicia was (and remains) smart, funny, caring, hard working and a business leader focused on results. I was happy to have her in a leading role on my team.




Alicia is an amazing professional coach. She is extremely experienced, engaging and able to clearly define action steps to move forward to make a change. She is an inspiring mentor and guide who is able to cut through quickly to the main insight and help clients propel forward both on a professional and personal level.